WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram to develop new features

WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram

WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram: Telegram is one of the best instant messaging applications out there. In fact, there are many occasions where WhatsApp is inspired to develop new features such as, among other things, distribution channels or reactions to news.

However, the app is not perfect, and although there are some points that need improvement, There is one feature that can be quite irritating. This is the notification that a contact has joined Telegram. This will notify users that they can now talk to new people.

In addition, not only does a notification come, but A new chat will be added to the list on the main screen, even if the user never intended to create it. Luckily, it’s easy to disable this feature in the app settings.

Turn off notification

This notification can be quite irritating when multiple users added to contacts join the messaging platform, especially because they are contacts That doesn’t mean they’re people you’re going to talk to. or who you just want to start a conversation with.

After all, the contact list includes not only friends and family, but also possibly others, such as a plumber or electrician who has been assigned a job. To deactivate this function, You just have to go to settings from Telegram and open the Notifications and sounds section there.

Contact notifications on Telegram

Contact notifications on Telegram

After that, all you have to do is deactivate the switch that says “A contact has joined Telegram”. After that, there should be no notification that a contact has joined Telegram. In this section you can also turn off other types of notifications, such as: B. those from the channels or the stories of the app.

There are cases where such messages continue to appear from time to time. For these occasions The best thing to do is delete the chat from the conversation list. If you check the “Delete for someone else too” checkbox, the chat will be removed from your conversation list.

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