US President Joe Biden Signs First Ever AI Executive Order to Protect US Citizens

US President Joe Biden Signs the First Ever AI Executive Order: President Joe Biden is making important moves to keep the country safe from artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a powerful technology, but it comes with risks. Biden wants to protect people, workers, and minority groups from these risks.

Biden will introduce a new rule, a kind of official decision, to manage AI. This rule is a step taken by the government to control AI, which is becoming more and more advanced and popular. Some big AI companies, like OpenAI, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms, have agreed to make AI-generated content safer. But Biden’s rule goes even further than what these companies promised.

This new rule says that people who create AI systems that could be dangerous for the country must test them to make sure they are safe. These tests need to be shared with the government. This is important for national security, the economy, and public health and safety. The government will check these tests before the AI systems are released to the public. The rule also tells government agencies to create standards for these tests. They will also look at other risks related to AI, like chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and cybersecurity risks.

The government wants to be clear about the information it shares. So, they will create guidelines to make sure everyone knows if something was made by AI. This is important because sometimes AI can create things that look real, just like something a human makes. The White House, where President Biden works, thinks these rules are the strongest steps any government has taken to make sure AI is safe.

A group of seven big countries is also making rules for companies that create advanced AI systems. They want to set some standards for how these companies should behave. Before they officially announced the new rule, a person from the government talked to reporters. They said that the new rule is like a law, and the White House thinks Congress, the group of people who make laws in the U.S., should also make laws about how AI is used.

President Biden is asking Congress to make laws about how data privacy works. Data privacy means keeping our personal information safe. Sometimes AI can be unfair and discriminate against certain groups of people. The new rule also says that landlords (people who rent houses to others), government programs that give benefits, and companies working for the government should not use AI in ways that make discrimination worse.

AI can also affect jobs. Sometimes, AI can make jobs go away, and people lose their work. The new rule asks for guidelines on how to make sure AI doesn’t harm workers. There will also be a report about how AI affects the job market.

Vice President Kamala Harris is going to a big meeting about AI in Britain. China will also be there. The meeting is hosted by the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. He thinks only governments can handle the risks of AI. He worries that AI could be used to create dangerous weapons or make people afraid. In the worst situation, AI might be impossible to control.

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