TVS Creon Electric Scooter Launch Date in India, Price, Features and More

TVS Creon Electric Scooter Launch Date in India

If you are an avid fan of the TVS company’s vehicles, like me, and you are waiting for the vehicles of this firm shortly, the TVS company is offering good news to everyone. The brand new electric scooter is called TVS Creon is a complete electric scooter. We will talk about the TVS Creon Electric Scooter Launch Date in India. It has been seen in the field in a breathtaking red and white hue.

The TVS Creon scooter is 1124mm high. Additionally, an overall length of 800mm is provided as well. In addition you will be able to enjoy the possibility of 1733mm in length following the launch of this electric scooter.

TVS Creon Electric features

TVS company always launches their cars in the market that have excellent features. This time, they’ve left no mark in the way of options. For instance, in this model, you can enjoy a massive display of 7-8 inches, and it also comes with many options. The flexibility of modes and features will also be offered, and this time, TVS company has also mastered the ability to connect with a smartwatch. TVS Creon scooter has a tail light instead of a headlight this time, providing a unique appearance.

Know the Key Features Before TVS Creon Electric Scooter Launch Date in India

  • The Riding Area is 80 km
  • Top Speed of 115 km/h
  • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
  • Acceleration (0-60 km/h) 5.1 s
  • Motor Power of 8kW
  • Battery Lithium Ion
  • Battery Swap-able: No
  • Home Charger Paid
  • App Available: Yes
  • Motor Warranty: 1 Year
  • Battery Warranty: 3 Years
  • One-year Warranty on the Vehicle
  • Charger Warranty: 1 Year
  • License and Registration required

Regarding seating capacity, the TVS Creon has an enormous seat that measures 780 millimetres. You can seat two people comfortably in it, and it comes with a large amount of storage underneath it, where you can store your most essential things and helmet.

TVS Creon Electric Scooter Launch Date in India

The launch of the TVS Creon scooter The testing for the Vehicle is taking place and was showcased in Dubai. In addition, the TVS company is debuting the teaser of the scooter. Company officials from the TVS company are informing the company that the scooter will launch by the end of October 2025. It will be launched in India as well as all other countries.

TVS Creon Electric Price

Regarding the price of this electric scooter, TVS company is informing us that the scooter is anticipated to launch with an estimated price of 1.2 lakh.

TVS Creon Electric battery

It will receive three lithium-based batteries in the TVS Creon motorbike. It takes about 3-7 days to charge the battery completely. It is possible to drive this scooter comfortably for about 80 km with just one recharge of the battery as well. The top velocity possible with TVS Creon goes up to 115 kilometres.

TVS Creon Electric Design

Regarding style, the TVS Creon scooter is incredible in terms of design, and the most striking appearance is created by its tilt light mounted in the handle’s back. It will be available on the market in style like a bike.

TVS Creon Brake and suspension with electric motor

In conducting tests on this TVS Creon scooter, it was observed that it has two substantial suspensions. You have disc brakes in the front wheel and a rear brake in the rear wheel with an excellent grip on the tyre.

TVS Creon Electric Tyres

When testing the TVS Creon scooter, It was discovered that it comes with 12-inch tubeless tyres, and the tires have excellent grip on the road. There is no risk of falling.

TVS Creon Rivals

Scooters like the TVS Creon are also equipped with the style of a bicycle. In particular, the Ola S1 Pro is an electric scooter similar to the TVS X electric scooter, which came out in the Indian market.

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