Tragedy Strikes Lewiston, Maine: 22 Dead and Dozens Injured in Mass Shooting

A community is in Shock as Police Launch Manhunt for Gunman

Lewiston, Maine, 26-10-2023: In a horrifying incident that shook the peaceful town of Lewiston, Maine, an emergency alert was issued following a mass shooting that claimed the lives of 22 people and left dozens injured. The incident unfolded at a local bowling alley and a popular restaurant and bar, sending shockwaves through the community.

Law enforcement swiftly responded, launching a massive operation to apprehend the gunman, identified as Robert Card. The 40-year-old retired military officer, known to local authorities due to previous arrests related to domestic violence, was reported to be armed and dangerous. Authorities have urged residents to stay indoors, lock their doors, and remain vigilant while the manhunt is underway.

Background of the Incident:

The shooting spree began at a bowling alley and later extended to a local restaurant and bar, leaving behind a trail of devastation. Local police, in their efforts to locate the suspect, released a photo of Robert Card inside the bowling alley, carrying what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon.

According to reports, Card had a history of mental health issues, including hearing voices, and had recently spent two weeks in a mental health facility. After the shooting, he was spotted driving a white Subaru, of which images have been circulated by the authorities.

Community’s Response:

Lewiston Mayor Carl Sheline expressed his heartbreak for the city and its residents, urging everyone to adhere to the safety guidelines issued by law enforcement. The community, in shock and mourning, has come together to support the victims’ families and offer solace during this difficult time.

National Response:

President Joe Biden has been briefed about the incident, reflecting the gravity of the situation. However, the incident once again highlights the ongoing political deadlock concerning gun control in the United States. Despite the alarming frequency of mass shootings, efforts to implement stricter gun control measures have faced opposition, particularly from staunch defenders of the constitutional right to bear arms.

As the nation mourns the loss of innocent lives in yet another tragic shooting incident, questions about gun control and public safety continue to loom large, challenging communities, lawmakers, and society at large to find meaningful and lasting solutions.

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