Shreyas Iyer’s Struggles Against Short Deliveries Raise Concerns for Team India

Shreyas Iyer has been consistently getting out against short-pitched deliveries. Consequently, he might face exclusion from Team India after the World Cup. Throughout his career, Shreyas has struggled against bouncers, a fact reflected in his statistics.

In the 2023 One-Day World Cup, Shreyas Iyer has been grappling with poor form, especially against short deliveries. His highest score in this World Cup has been a dismal 53 runs, which came against Pakistan. Although he starts well in most matches, he often fails when it comes to playing longer innings. Despite making a comeback from injury, Iyer has managed to score a century but has been frequently dismissed against short-pitched deliveries, a trend observed in matches against Pakistan, New Zealand, and in the Asia Cup.

Shreyas’ career statistics also highlight his vulnerability against short-pitched deliveries. He has been out most of the time against short deliveries due to his weakness in playing pull shots. Out of 48 innings in his one-day career, he has been caught out 28 times. Most of these dismissals happened while attempting pull shots. Shreyas Iyer struggles to keep the ball down while playing pull shots, and his timing is not as impeccable as Rohit Sharma’s, who often manages to send the ball outside the boundary line with the same shot. This consistent struggle against short deliveries might lead to his exclusion from the Indian team, despite having decent overall statistics.

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