Manhunt Underway for Robert Card in Bar and Bowling Alley Shootings

The local community is urged to Stay Vigilant as the investigation unfolds.

Lewiston, Maine In a shocking turn of events, Maine law enforcement officials have launched a manhunt for a 40-year-old man identified as Robert Card, deemed a “person of interest” in the fatal shootings that occurred at a bar and bowling alley in the heart of Lewiston.

The Lewiston Police Department issued a public warning through Facebook, describing Card as “armed and dangerous.” They emphatically urged citizens to avoid any direct contact with him and to immediately alert law enforcement if they have any information about his whereabouts.

Speaking at a press conference, Maine Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck emphasized, “If people see him, they should not approach Card or make contact with him in any way. Your safety is paramount.”

Tragically, the incident has claimed the lives of at least 22 individuals, as confirmed by a reliable source within the Lewiston police force. Additionally, between 50 and 60 people sustained injuries at various locations, according to statements released by law enforcement authorities.

In response to the grave situation, officials have advised residents of Lewiston and neighboring Auburn to remain indoors, ensuring their safety by sheltering in place. Concurrently, local medical facilities are operating at full capacity, swiftly responding to this unforeseen “mass casualty event.”

Investigations into Card’s background have revealed limited prior encounters with law enforcement. Maine court records indicate that a man sharing the same name and birthdate as the person of interest was previously charged with speeding in 2001 and 2002. However, no other criminal records were found in the state’s electronic court database or other public records sources.

An alarming bulletin issued by the Maine Information and Analysis Center, a vital database for law enforcement officials, disclosed that Card was a trained firearms instructor and was affiliated with the Army Reserve. Disturbingly, the bulletin also noted that Card had recently reported mental health issues, including auditory hallucinations and threats to carry out violence at the National Guard Base in Saco, ME.

Reports from the bulletin suggest that Card had been admitted to a mental health facility for a two-week period earlier this summer. However, NBC News has not independently verified the accuracy of the information contained within the bulletin concerning Card’s mental health history.

As the community grapples with this tragic event, law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrator to justice. The safety and well-being of the residents remain the top priority as the investigation unfolds, and updates will be provided as soon as they become available.

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