International Men’s Day History

International Men’s Day History – IMD is held annually on November 19 to raise awareness of health and well-being issues affecting men and boys, as well as highlight the positive contributions of men to society while encouraging good role modeling by them. 2023’s theme will be “Zero Male Suicide”, reflecting the high rate of male suicide.

International Men’s Day serves to raise awareness and acceptance of mental health among males aged 45 or below by creating an open forum where men can discuss this important subject. International Men’s Day hopes to inspire men worldwide to be more open and accepting about mental health concerns.

Uma Challa, India’s Men’s Rights Advocate, has been instrumental in promoting International Men’s Day festivities within her nation. She first promoted International Men’s Day as a way of increasing awareness of the abuse males experience within a male-dominated legal system.

International Men’s Day History

International Men’s Day History: Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh of Trinidad and Tobago University established International Men’s Day in 1999. Since then, this day has been observed annually by more than 80 countries around the globe.

International Men’s Day celebrates men and all aspects of masculinity through education and celebration.

Men of all kinds—fathers, husbands, brothers, or fathers—play an essential part in our daily lives. The International Men’s Day holiday provides all people worldwide the opportunity to recognize these men for all they contribute towards society for everyone’s good, according to its website.

International Men’s Day is dedicated to men around the world and allows them to focus on their challenges. It serves as a means of protecting the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of male individuals worldwide. International Men’s Day provides a platform to bring people together around toxic masculinity issues as well as mental health concerns such as increasing rates of suicide in male populations.

However, International Men’s Day is more than simply about honoring men and enhancing gender equality.

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