Iconic Michigan Dessert, Sanders Bumpy Cake, Faces Uncertain Future

Detroit, Michigan In a surprising turn of events, the beloved Sanders Bumpy Cake, an iconic dessert enjoyed by Michiganders for generations, may soon vanish from the shelves. Second Nature Brands CEO, Vic Mehren, confirmed that Minnie Marie Bakers Inc., a longtime partner of Bumpy Cakes, is closing Awrey’s Bakery in Livonia, where these delectable treats have been lovingly crafted.

The decision to cease production at Awrey’s Bakery was made due to a decline in the sale of sweet goods and rising production costs, leading to a halt in production by September. Despite extensive efforts, Second Nature Brands has not yet found a bakery that can match the high quality and classic taste that consumers expect from Bumpy Cakes. As a result, Bumpy Cakes will soon be out of stock until a suitable new bakery partner is secured.

Mehren expressed his disappointment, acknowledging the deep cultural and sentimental value Bumpy Cakes hold for Michigan residents. He assured customers that Sanders Bumpy Cakes can still be purchased at Sanders stores, online at SandersCandy.com, or at select Michigan retailers, but these supplies are limited and expected to run out by the end of the year.

“While this situation was unexpected, we are committed to reintroducing Bumpy Cakes in the future with a new partner. We understand the special place Bumpy Cakes hold in your lives and celebrations,” Mehren stated, expressing optimism about resolving the shortage issue.

This setback follows another challenge Sanders faced last year when production of their fudge toppings was temporarily halted due to supply challenges, including staffing issues. However, manufacturing of the toppings resumed in early August, providing hope that a similar solution will be found for Bumpy Cakes.

Sanders Bumpy Cake, renowned for its distinctive “bumps” of buttercream on top, comes in various flavors, including the popular Chocolate Bumpy Cake made with Devil’s Food cake and glossy chocolate fudge icing. Other flavors include vanilla buttercream with a yellow tea cake and a carrot cake version with cream cheese icing. The intricate production process, invented by Mr. Sanders over 123 years ago, requires finding a partner who can replicate the unique recipe and taste while meeting the necessary production quantities.

Despite this challenge, Second Nature Brands, the parent company of Sanders, remains committed to offering quality products to consumers. While Bumpy Cakes may soon become scarce, Sanders suggests a recipe from Taste of Home that enthusiasts can try at home. Additionally, if you have bumpy cakes, freezing them can extend their shelf life.

Michigan residents and dessert enthusiasts alike are left eagerly awaiting news of Bumpy Cake’s return, hopeful that this cherished treat will once again grace their tables and celebrations.

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