Heartbreak in Lewiston: Beloved Father of Three Falls Victim to Tragic Mass Shooting

Lewiston Stands Strong: Community Unites in Sorrow, Determined to Bring Shooter to Justice

Lewiston, Maine In a devastating turn of events, Arthur Strout, a beloved 42-year-old father of three, fell victim to the senseless violence that unfolded on Wednesday night in the heart of Lewiston. Strout was enjoying a game of pool with his father, Arthur Barnard, at Schemengees Bar and Grill when tragedy struck.

Barnard recounted the heartbreaking moment when he left the bar, bidding farewell to his son, who had chosen to stay behind despite initial plans to leave together due to Strout not having his car. Strout, a man known for his infectious laughter even in the face of adversity, tragically lost his life that night.

The quiet city of Lewiston, with its population of approximately 38,000, woke up to the shocking news on Thursday morning. The community was left in mourning as they learned that someone they knew had become a victim of Wednesday night’s horrific mass shootings, which unfolded at two locations: Schemengees and Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley located four miles away.

Maine State Police Col. William Ross confirmed that seven lives were lost inside Schemengees, while another victim was fatally shot outside the bar. The shooter, identified as 40-year-old Robert Card, was still at large as of Thursday evening, leaving the community on edge.

Describing the heart-wrenching moment he last saw his son, Barnard shared, “I said, ‘OK,’ and he said, ‘I love you,’ because all my kids tell me that every time we see each other. Ten minutes later, I get a phone call.” Strout’s wife, Kristy Strout, expressed her grief, emphasizing the devastating impact this tragedy had on their family. The couple had been married for nearly seven years, and Arthur Strout had been a loving and supportive figure in Kristy’s children’s lives.

“He’s helped me raise my children since they were very, very little,” Kristy Strout said tearfully. “His daughter’s only 13 and without a dad because of all of this. Because of one man’s choices, my daughter has to grow up without a father.”

Despite his tough exterior, Strout was a dedicated and caring father. Barnard fondly remembered his son, stating, “He tried to be tough with his kids, but at the same time, he was just a great dad. I was just proud of him.”

Amidst the grief and anger, the community united in their hope for justice. Kristy Strout voiced her frustration, saying, “I hope they catch this person. I’m angry; my husband is dead, and he’s running free.” The entire city stands together, mourning the loss of Arthur Strout and the other victims and demanding that those responsible be brought to justice.

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