Apple Vision Pro Sequel is under process

Apple Vision Pro: The next ground-breaking technological advancement is frequently the subject of much anticipation. The long-awaited release of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset has drawn a lot of attention from Apple fans. The release, which was stated to be “early next year,” is still veiled in mystery, keeping the global audience in anxious suspense. The expectation only grows as the hardware for the first model nears completion.

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Apple Vision Pro: A Sneak Peek into Cupertino’s Vision

In a recent Power On edition, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman delves deep into Cupertino’s mixed reality department. Surprisingly, the hardware for the first-gen Vision Pro has been ready for months. Journalists had a hands-on experience in June, yet Apple chose to delay the launch until 2024. Speculations abound regarding ongoing developments. Did Apple merely pause after the soft launch, or is there a more intricate plan in motion?

The Ongoing Evolution

Gurman’s report sheds light on Apple’s strategic focus. Rather than fixating solely on the initial release, Apple seems keen on advancing to next-generation models. The consensus among experts is that the first-gen Vision Pro might not hit significant commercial numbers due to its hefty $3,500 price tag. A more budget-friendly version is a priority, catering to a broader audience. Additionally, user-friendliness, especially for glasses wearers, is a key consideration. Apple’s exclusive AR-focused glasses faced setbacks but might resurface in the future.

Apple’s Long-Term Vision

Apple’s forward-looking approach is understandable given the challenges of the first Vision Pro phone – high pricing, inherent flaws, and daunting entry barriers. The company envisions mixed reality as the future replacement for the iPhone, a paradigm shift that demands meticulous planning. However, this long-term vision might inadvertently deter potential buyers. Skepticism looms when a product isn’t taken seriously even by its own maker.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future

In the midst of anticipation and speculation, Apple’s Vision Pro remains a beacon of technological promise. As the world waits for its grand unveiling, the tech giant navigates uncharted waters, aiming to redefine our digital interactions. The Vision Pro is not merely a device; it’s a testament to Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation. Let’s brace ourselves for a future where reality merges seamlessly with imagination.


1. When is Apple planning to release the Vision Pro headset?

Apple has kept the release date under wraps, promising an unveiling “early next year,” although specific dates remain undisclosed.

2. Why did Apple delay the launch of the Vision Pro until 2024?

While journalists had a chance to experience the first-gen Vision Pro in June, Apple chose to delay the launch, indicating ongoing developments and strategic planning.

3. Will there be a more affordable version of the Vision Pro?

Yes, Apple recognizes the need for a budget-friendly version, aiming to make mixed reality technology accessible to a wider audience.

4. What challenges does the first-gen Vision Pro face in the market?

The high price, coupled with user-friendliness concerns, poses challenges for the initial Vision Pro model to achieve substantial commercial success.

5. Is Apple planning to replace the iPhone with mixed reality technology?

Apple envisions mixed reality as a potential replacement for the iPhone, signaling a shift in the technological landscape toward immersive digital experiences.

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