5 Google tricks to surf faster on your system

5 Google tricks to surf faster on your system

5 Google tricks to surf faster on your system: Google is constantly making updates to reduce the consumption of RAM and some additional data, as these can overload some computers and cause slow browsing.

Nevertheless, one of the most common complaints is that the screen remains “frozen” (does nothing) and the results appear after a while when entering the search engine. So if this happens to you or you want to avoid it, you’ve come to the right place 5 tips to surf Google faster from your PC.

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Clear cache on Google

Clearing cache from your computer is an easy task. Since then, all they have needed is the help of an extension called Clear Cache. This tool is recommended by the browser itself and it is an extension that does the job of reducing Chrome data usage.

clear cache

Once Enter the link to continue downloading the extension. Once this is done, a window will open. If this is not the case, you can click on the puzzle icon in the bar at the top right of the screen for reference “Extensions”.


In this way the tool is already added to your browser, then you click on the extension and it will show you different options but you choose the one that says “Clear cache”.

After following the instructions carefully, you can be confident that your browser will be optimized efficiently once the data deletion process is complete. This is one of the most recommended tricks for this task.

Update to the latest version

This action has strong impact in fixing bugs in previous versions. This is also an important point to evaluate if you want to optimize your navigation on the web. Therefore, if your browser is running very slowly, this is necessary Check if they have the latest version.

Otherwise, if you don’t have it, Refresh the browser and the problems will most likely be solved; To do this, you need to go to the Google business page. Simply clicking on the word “Google” will take you directly to this section where you can check whether it is an old or current version.

Force close resources

When using the Chrome browser, there is a risk of it becoming overloaded due to the large amount of data it processes, which leads to temporary closureIf you want to avoid restarting the computer, that’s not a problem. Find out how to do this below.

Next, press the buttons ALT+CTRL+DEL. Once this is done, a window will immediately open on the computer screen offering various options for you to choose from “Task Manager”. Once here you will be taken to the section “Perfomance” to check memory usage. For extremely high values, it is necessary to go to Processes and Google Chrome.


Now right-click on Google Chrome and select the End Task option. Windows forces the browser to close immediately.

Remove extensions

The extensions are Tools that make a variety of tasks easier, which is very nice, but on the contrary, additional extensions damage your computer’s memory. Too many of them not only affect memory, but also the speed and performance of the browser.


As soon as you press the icon Extensionsselect the ones you don’t use and delete them so that they can free up space and thus also improve the functionality of the browser.

Configure Google Chrome correctly

By having something that works properly, The best option will always be to not touch or change anything that you have no knowledge of.. Since this involves significant configuration changes, it is very likely that you will notice many changes to the browser that will also affect its browsing speed.

If you are making this mistake, don’t worry because there is a solution by following the steps mentioned below carefully:

– You need to format Reset Google Chrome to default values. For that, Go to Menu > Settings > Reset and at the bottom click Advanced optionsclick on this option.
– Next thing you need to pay attention to is this Google Chrome is the default browser and search engine. If this is not the case, you can make a selection in the options bar and click “Select as Default”.
– Last but not least, you have to select the option Data storageThis will help you load web pages much faster and smoother.


Q1: How can I make Google Chrome load web pages faster on my PC?

A1: To optimize Google Chrome’s speed, you can clear cache using the Clear Cache extension, update to the latest version from Google’s official page, force close Chrome using Task Manager if it becomes overloaded, remove unused extensions, and configure Chrome correctly through Menu > Settings > Reset > Advanced options > Data storage.

Q2: What is the Clear Cache extension and how does it help improve browsing speed?

A2: Clear Cache is a recommended extension that efficiently reduces Chrome’s data usage. By following the provided link and instructions, it clears cached data, enhancing your browser’s performance and speeding up web page loading.

Q3: How can I update Google Chrome to the latest version?

A3: To update Chrome, visit Google’s official business page, click on the word “Google,” and check if you have the latest version. If not, refresh the browser to resolve potential slowdowns caused by bugs in previous versions.

Q4: What should I do if Google Chrome becomes overloaded and freezes?

A4: If Chrome becomes overloaded, press ALT+CTRL+DEL, open Task Manager, go to Processes, find Google Chrome, right-click, and select “End Task” to force close the browser without restarting your computer, resolving the freezing issue.

Q5: How can I configure Google Chrome to enhance browsing speed?

A5: Configure Chrome by resetting it to default values through Menu > Settings > Reset > Advanced options. Ensure Chrome is the default browser and search engine. Also, optimize browsing speed by selecting the option for data storage, which helps load web pages faster and smoother.

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